Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Poland and the end of Lithuania

With me being one of the last few people to leave I decided that I would have to do some adventuring on my own. I chose Poland. Vilnius has buses constantly going to Warsaw and back. Poland also had a long rough history and was an area that also seemed interesting to visit.

So after eating with my friends that were still here at Charlie's Pizza I took the night bus at 1015 to Warsaw. It was a very cramped double decker. I couldn't wait for the bus ride to end once I stepped foot within it. After sleeping a few hours of the 8 hour bus ride we were finally in Warsaw at 6 in the morning. The bus station wasn't the most beautiful thing and not a great initial image of Warsaw.

A couple days earlier I had looked online at local hostels that were considered adequate enough. I found one called Nate's hostel. So after I arrived in Warsaw I walked the whole 4 kilometers to the hostel. It was 6 in the morning what else did I have to do. I eventually made it there and slept for a couple hours. This was the first time I actually slept in a "hostel" environment where I had no idea who I was sleeping with. After getting up I made some breakfast and decided upon planning out my schedule for the day. This included starting off with the Warsaw Art Museum, Polish Army Museum, Warsaw Uprising Museum, the big clock tower, and Old Town Warsaw. I got plenty of exercise by walking all day to each of these locations. By the end of the day I was worn out. The next day I went to check out some other museums that I has on my list but unfortunately found out all museums are closed Monday's. Instead I went to do some gift shopping till my bus ride at 7. That was Warsaw for me.

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