Monday, July 23, 2012

End of ISM but journey continues

My time at ISM has officially finished. ISM offered and gave all the exchange students a phenomenal time. They took care of us and made sure to make it the best time possible for us. All the teachers were very eager to help us learn and put in a lot of effort to teach us in an entertaining method. I hope that one day I will be able to once again maybe see some of these teachers.

The last week of classes were definitely very long and tenuous. With two PowerPoint presentations and two tests to study for I had a lot of work to keep up with. The last night before finals was especially tough because of all the last minute editing to the presentations and the extra study cramming in hoping we were studying for the right material. Jeff and I studies with a group of the Portuguese exchange students in the classroom at ISM till 2 in the morning. Very rough night.

The next day of finals I just wanted to breeze right by. It went by really slow it felt. The international management presentation and exam went very well. The marketing presentation went well also we just had some critiquing on what to improve upon, but my group felt strong about our grade. The marketing final was a totally different story. It consisted of 6 very difficult and brain numbing questions. I finished it and felt ok about it so hopefully my grade reflects well.

I decided that being one of the last US students to leave Lithuania I would spend my time wisely and tour around. I along with my friend Martino who was also staying late decided to venture upon some of the sites we hadn't been able to pass through yet.

The first day off Martino, Jessica, and I went to down south of Vilnius called Duraskinekaj to check out the well known Soviet sculpture exhibit. It was definitely a hidden treasure. The bus ride was about two hours, but when napping it goes by quick. There were all sorts of sculptures and monuments taken down from around Lithuania and dropped right here in this one location. The park even included a random museum with some fairly exquisit animals. At the end of the day we were very content with the choice we had made.

The next day Martino and I decided to venture around Vilnius a bit more. This included the TV tower and lookout tower on a hill overlooking Vilnius. We definitely got a workout in with all the walking we did to get to those locations. With still a few more days I decided to travel solo out to Warsaw, Poland.

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