Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mixing in with Vilnius

Coming to Lithuania has been a great experience for me. It has opened up my knowledge to a broad, new range that will only continue to expand. Obviously being to Europe for the first time has definitely opened me up to new cultures, traditions, in all a whole new world.

The hostel life has been a total turnaround in what I would ever expect a hostel to be like. My original idea of a hostel was an old run down type looking building with a forgotten about yard, and a dirty interior from people constantly coming in and out. This has not been my hostel. Paupio Nomai has been a pleasant surprise. Though tightly packed and little space the interior has been relatively clean. What has been most enjoyable about the hostel however has been the roommates I've been staying with. This includes 5 Portuguese, an American student from Chicago, and another Unc student. From waking up to 20 different alarms in the morning all the way to drinking till 4 the next day the environment is always fun filled. Every night has some unexpected event come up only to lead another crazy adventure.

Our July 4th was without a doubt one of the best ones I have ever had. Getting out after a 8 hour day at school we were all definitely ready to celebrate. The Portuguese having always wanted to play beer pong after watching trashy American tv shows were anxiously waiting to begin the night. Searching for ping pong balls and plastic cups was not exactly an easy task in an environment that has no idea what beer pong is. After eventually finding our supplies we made our way back to find the parties already starting. Beer pong and the sloshy socializing had begun. Vilnius stays bright till around 11 at night and starts back up around 4 the next morning. After darkness approached the trek began to the hill to shoot off the fireworks we had surprisingly been able to find. With the knowledge that fireworks were illegal to shoot in the city we had no reason but to shoot everything we had. The next couple hours were filled with booming noises, smoke filled air, and what must've looked like prancing elves on Christmas from a distance constant laughter the whole night. July 4th and U.S.A were constantly shouted out with every firework that went off. Eventually a Lithuanian police officer on duty showed up and off we ran back to our safe grounds at Paupio Nomai. The night however could not end and on we continued with the festivities. Music from both cultures blared all night, new travelers joined in, and broken chairs themed the night. Nothing can top the 4th of July being celebrated halfway across the world in the tiny country of Lithuania.

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